Thursday, February 11, 2021

House Floats

 A fortnight ago, neighbors told me that the planned to make a "house float". They said that this is something people are doing in New Orleans this year. The pandemic does not allow for Mardi Gras parades with elaborately decorated floats, so people are doing up their houses in the elaborate fashion of such floats. I asked whether they would throw me beads when I walked by, but then our conversation was interrupted.

 Sure enough, their house was decorated this week, with a banner announcing the "Krew d'Eatay" and showing vegetables that I suppose might go into crudités. There were strings of pennants, and a cardboard cutout of a leaping cat. Then the snow and rain came on. The banner, pennants, and cat are put away, I hope to return.



  1. The houses in your neighbourhood are elegant & their dignity should not be disturbed in this krew d'eatay way

  2. Did the cat and the accompanying assemblage make another appearance?

    1. The cat etc. did return, though I think they came down promptly on or right after Ash Wednesday.