Tuesday, November 11, 2014

A Busy Neighborhood

For the last few days, a crew of masons has been replacing a neighbor's front steps and walk. Today I noticed also, on my way around the neighborhood,

  • a neighbor's porch ceiling being painted
  • a new driveway going in on Argyle Terrace near Varnum St.
  • a new front walk on Argyle Terrace near 17th St.
  • major work on a house (recently sold) at 17th and Varnum: new windows, new gutters, new floors at least
  • diagonally across the intersection, window replacement on somebody's addition
  • a new brick walk at 17th and Upshur
  • in the alley between Taylor and Upshur, a new fence going in
  • a neighbor's basement cleared out for renovation
Perhaps this work goes on all the time, but on weekdays when I'm at work.

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