Sunday, September 19, 2021

Not Just One Cause

 On Wednesday, we woke up with the sniffles. This seemed to me a natural consequence of running the air conditioning at mid-summer power when the nights are getting cooler. Still, after some discussion, and some checking on the web, I drove down to the Mount Pleasant library to pick up a couple of COVID 19 test kits. We took the tests, registered them, and I walked them back to the drop box at the library. We heard Friday afternoon and Saturday morning that we do not have COVID 19, or at least did not on Wednesday. And we have a couple of spare kits for the next round of sniffles.

One forgets that there are other things that can make one feel rotten. Most winters that I can remember, I have had a week or so of feeling just awful, and winter of 2019-2020 was no exception. A friend felt bad about the same time I did, and he hurried out to get a COVID test as soon as they were available. He hoped that he would be found to have had it, be presumed immune, and could visit his mother, who is in frail health, without the risk of infecting her. He tested negative: it had just been routine winter crud.


  1. Testing. I have commented on a couple of your posts using my Name/URL (aka Whispering Gums) but I there's never any evidence that they've been published or even that they are waiting moderation by you? Have you received them?

    1. I will have to check back. It did happen some time ago that the notifications quit coming through on comments, but I thought they were back. More later.

    2. According to Blogger, there are no comments awaiting moderation, and only one flagged as spam, which is not from you. I find Whispering Gums comments on the posts of May 18 and April 29 this year, and December 6 of last year. If there are more, I just don't know what happened.