Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Kultura's Books Goes Out of Business

This evening I saw that Kultura's Books is having a closeout sale, everything 50% off. The store remains open until Sunday, I gather. I took a hardbound copy of Eimi by E.E. Cummings, and may get back to see what else is left..

Kultura's always had something interesting to see--a decent stock of poetry, philosophy, and fiction, books in French and Spanish, now and then in other languages. Browsing could require some work, for many of the shelves had two ranks of books on them, the back visible a handful at a time. I kept noticing curiosities such as a bilingual Homer--Greek and German, the latter in the old Fraktur type--or a complete and quite pricy St. Beuve.Over the years I may have bought half a dozen or a dozen books there.

Kultura's is located at 1728 Connecticut Ave. NW, a few doors down from S St.

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