Friday, February 24, 2017

A Very Warm February

We have mostly had a warm February in Washington, DC. This morning I noticed someone carrying balloons to the house across the street, and was briefly confused: surely the boy's birthday was in late winter. Then I remembered that by the calendar it is late winter.

Yesterday I took some photographs as I walked down 16th St. NW to work:

(Meridian Hill Park, opposite Kalorama Road)

(About Swann St.)

(Just north of S St., across from the Masonic Temple)

(Immediately south of Scott Circle)

Today I took a couple more photographs on Taylor St. NW:


I would have preferred the cold weather to stay longer. At this point, though, my chief wish is for rain.


  1. I popped into the city yesterday on an errand and was amazed by how much was in bloom. Out here in the boonies, not so much--although to my surprise, a dwarf honeysuckle I planted last year has suddenly decided it's time to live and grow like there's no tomorrow.

    1. Location does make a difference--the cherry trees around the Tidal Basin usually seem to be a couple of weeks behind those in the neighborhoods.

  2. There is much a-blooming in my neck of the woods, as well, with a cold snap on the way. Predictability will have to wait until April or May, I think...

    1. Another cold snap started today, the second in a couple of weeks. The first one did for the magnolia blossoms--though not the cherries or forsythia. The magnolias that I see have brown, wilted flowers. We won't be working in the yard this weekend, anyway.

  3. My 90-year-old mother in Australia is united with you in a dominant wish for rain.