Monday, June 6, 2016

Goodbye for Now, Chrome

Last week, I found myself trying to type a GMail message, and waiting tens of seconds for the characters to appear. Lately, the cheap netbook I use at home has been running at 100% busy whenever Chrome is open. Task Manager shows multiple Chrome processes running even when I have one tab open; I suppose the extras may be from those little panes that show the six recently visited sites. Why should a web browser make the computer hard to use?

I like Chrome. Thursday and Friday I spent some time in Chrome, inspecting page elements and testing snippets of Javascript in the console, and I do that every few weeks. I could, I guess, do the same in Mozilla, but I'm used to Chrome. And on my much beefier machine at work, Chrome's demands don't matter that much.

However, Chrome will not be the reason I upgrade the home machine. I have downloaded Firefox, which for now will be my usual home browser. I don't like its look quite as much, but I can type emails at a reasonable speed.

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