Saturday, October 24, 2015

Seen Today

At Behnke's Nursery on Route 1, I noticed a novel use for a filing cabinet

Mostly, though, what I did was to push the cart or wander about and look at plants. I discovered that there is market for chrysanthemums in NFL team colors--good luck if you are a fan of the Cleveland Browns or Oakland Raiders--and also pansies. The latter I saw only in Redskins burgundy and gold and Ravens purple. I did notice that a certain hellebore is called a "lenten rose", and so later in the afternoon was able to appear much more knowledgeable than I am when my wife and I were talking to a couple of devoted gardeners.

We were then heading to the park to run. My route took me back across Lanier Street NW, where I saw crowds gathered on the sidewalks. They were there, I found, for Porch Fest, an event during which local musicians play from porches here and there in Adams Morgan. In the three blocks of  Lanier St., I saw a man playing a guitar and singing; two bands fronted by women, one woman having an electric piano, the other a tambourine; and a quartet of African American men not much younger than I am: I arrived just as they finished, and believe that they were singing a capella. I regret to say that I have no pictures; but I seldom run with my phone.

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