Thursday, October 22, 2015

Another One Gone

News World, which operated for many years at the northeast corner of Connecticut Avenue and K Street NW, is closed. The windows are papered over from the inside. I don't know that I am surprised, but I am disappointed.

It was a handy place to buy The Washington Post or The New York Times when the home delivery didn't happen, and to buy out-of-town and foreign newspapers; lately, the latter seemed to have gone to print on demand. I can't say that I did much to keep the shop solvent, for the last purchase I recall--not necessarily the last I made--would have been about the time of the papal conclave of 2013. Yet I must have been stopping in, else why would I know that the shelves had been getting emptier?

It is a shame. Once one could stop by the drugstore and find a dozen or twenty feet of varied magazines on sale. There stores dedicated to newspapers and magazines at Farragut West Metro and at Connecticut and Florida. Now at CVS the pickings are thin. Kramerbooks does carry magazines of more or less literary interest, including the New Yorker, which is what I stopped by for in the first place.

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