Thursday, April 17, 2014

Not News to Many, But Good News to Me

This morning I happened to be passing by Kramerbooks just above Dupont Circle, when I noticed that the sign gave the ours as 7:30 am through 1:30 am. The closing did not surprise me; the opening surprised and delighted me. I had to go in and buy a book. (Not I, by Joachim Fest). This is yet another reason to walk to work, and take the long way.


  1. The amazing thing about you is that you will actually read that book, I'm certain. In a book called Other People's Thoughts I came across a quote from Schopenhauer that applies more to my bookbuying habits I fear: "Buying books would be a good thing if one could also buy the time to read them in; but, as a rule, the purchase of books is mistaken for the appropriation of their contents"

    1. Not I looks like being a quick read, as memoirs often are. But you and Schopenhauer are correct: a book that costs 10 minutes' wages to buy can take many weeks to read.