Thursday, August 9, 2012

A Newly Common Gesture?

Within about the last six months I have been noticing women walking with a small fold of skirt clasped in one hand. Usually, I think, it is the right hand. On some a few days there may have been wet pavement; on a few women a long skirt and tricky heels. Yet there are women who will hold a knee-length skirt. If there are common factors in the cut of the skirt, my eye is not trained enough to spot them.

The gesture is anything but ubiquitous. In a week of walking around the city, I might notice it twice. It is not local to Washington, for I noticed a woman walking so in Philadelphia yesterday, and my son, who had not previously noticed it, saw another later. Is it a trend, and will it take off as the female pedestrian's answer to the male driver's "gangsta lean"? Where did it come from--a movie? The royal wedding?

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