Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Trifecta, of Sorts

The other day, I looked into the slots of my checkbook to see if I had any stamps. I did, not but I found items related to three booksellers no longer in business:
  1. A record of sales from Chapters; after a certain amount spent there, one got a discount.
  2. A receipt for store credit at Olsson's.
  3. A Borders gift card.
Chapters and Olsson's were linked in a way: the founders of Chapters worked at Olsson's--before it was officially called that, if I remember correctly, and probably while they were still students at Georgetown.


  1. That is sad - I suspect that as well you soon won't have a chequebook either. Or perhaps banking works in a different way over there to the way it does here and in the UK.

  2. I know that we lag in electronic payments compared to Europe. I write few checks, and use the checkbook largely as a holder for my Metro card