Monday, February 6, 2012

Finally Seen

Saturday we watched The Godfather on iTunes. Neither of us had seen it before, though I recall watching a bit of part two on TV. It was quite a movie, but apart from that I found it interesting because
  1. Somehow I knew most of what happened in the movie. The details of the gang wars, no, but the lives of the Corleones, yes. I must have gleaned it from the movie reviews and the conversations of friends. Does this count toward mythic status--is knowing what happens to Sonny without seeing the movie like knowing about Penelope's loom without reading The Odyssey?
  2. I wonder what it would be like to have seen Marlon Brando's Don Vito without having seen 40 years of imitations. But that hardly matters, for I doubt I'd remember by now.
  3. They didn't miss an ethnic stereotype. Well, maybe the Germans, as represented by Tom Hagen, got off easy, but I suppose they couldn't fit everything in.


  1. I've never seen it - but also never absorbed anything about it (who is Sonny?) I've also never seen Star Wars. I don't know if I'm boasting or complaining.

  2. American gangster movies lack the cultural universality I credit them with? Oh, dear. But had you gone to high school in the US back then, no doubt you too would know all about this one. Sonny (Santino) is the oldest son of the Corleone family, the natural leader of the rising generation, but there is an untoward incident at a toll booth.

    I saw two of the three original Star Wars movies. Probably I was too old to take them to heart the way a ten year old might have.