Wednesday, February 14, 2018

A Curious Couple

Today, February 14, 2018 is both St. Valentine's Day and Ash Wednesday. I did not recall the two falling on the same day, and my lack of recall was correct. It has not happened since 1945, before I was born, and well before I paid attention to St. Valentine's Day. The coincidence will recur in 2024 and 2029, then not again until 2070. All this is according to the  "Anonymous Gregorian" or "Meeus/Jones/Butcher" algorithm offered in the Wikipedia entry Computus. (The Easter dates this yields check out against those in an old St. Andrew Daily Missal, though that missal's years cover a much shorter range, which overlaps with none of the years of coincidence.)


  1. Hmm, so I guess I'll see it three times in my lifetime...

  2. Well, I’ve at least seen it once. That will have to suffice since the future for me does not even include the purchase of green bananas.