Monday, October 23, 2017


About a month ago, I noticed that the Polish Embassy on 16th St. NW had many posters displayed along its fence. Last week, I got around to walking by for a closer look. These are reproductions of posters from the Poster Museum in Warsaw. Placing them along the embassy fence struck me as an odd way of showing them, but then I considered that the originals were made to be pasted to walls.

One item sets out the theme of the exhibition:

A couple of long stretches:

One understands why in 1919 Poland felt the need for an army:

On the other hand, I find the martial image odd in a poster promoting education:

And the invitation to subscribe to a government loan is dramatic:


  1. I like the concept of a sidewalk museum of poster art. Thanks for sharing the lovely images.

  2. The National Museum round the corner here has put wonderful photographs from an exhibition that ended last year on its fence, which seems a bit cruel to me as I am tantalised but couldn't have gone as I wasn't here. Is it better to be able to glimpse a few of the exhibits or to never know what you had missed, I wonder.

  3. Odd for education, maybe, but I rather like the image of a dreaming boy (his mind far from the classroom where he sits) who conjures a Medieval-ish knight with pike on a leaping charger. Perhaps it's a sort of self-portrait or confession by the artist who made the poster. It certainly looks like my own childhood attitude to school, as I was an inveterate reader of books during class. It's a wonder I know any math at all.