Sunday, June 4, 2017


Today, as on most weekend days, I ran in Rock Creek Park. Along Joyce Road, I saw a young woman walking along a guard rail. In the park these rails are made of treated lumber, six by eights I think. So it is not especially difficult to walk along the rail; but I couldn't tell you when I last saw someone doing so. Then on the way up from Beach Drive to Carter Barron, I saw a young couple walking on the guard rail there.

Why are people now walking along these rails? Is it something on TV?


  1. I remember being with a friend (stoned) in 1974 who walked along the rail of the grand curving bridge high over the chasm south of Big Sur on the Pacific coast. That, my friend, was a trend that was never going to catch on with me!

    1. In high school, a friend would walk along the rail above the gym bleachers, when the bleachers were pulled in. My balance and my head for heights were not up to his, and would do so only if the bleachers were pulled out.

      Where the people walked the rails in Rock Creek there wasn't any great drop-off. It would have been hard come away from a fall with worse than bruises or a strain.