Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Street Art

Some weeks ago, the hood of car appeared along 16th St. NW just south of the bridge over Piney Branch Parkway. How it got there, whether from a wreck just there, or fallen from transport, I don't know. It stood, downside out, along the fence that blocks off Rock Creek Park.

A couple of weeks ago, somebody decided to use the hood as a canvas:

Who is Cristina Maria? Model, artist, or both? Is this a memorial? It is not clear that there was an accident just here, let alone one that cost a life.

I wonder how long the hood will be there. It has been there for about six weeks, I think, and I don't see any reason it shouldn't be there longer. It is possible that the city regards this as the National Park Service's problem, and that the National Park Service doesn't know about it--the fence is on the very edge of Rock Creek Park, up a steep and wooded hill from Piney Branch Parkway.

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