Sunday, April 17, 2016

Seasons and Times

Last Sunday evening, more cars than usual were parked along the street. Sunday is not much of night for parties, so we supposed that this meant a special liturgy at the Russian Orthodox cathedral around the corner. The next day I looked at the notice board there, and saw that indeed there had been a Vespers.

I also noticed that Matins were scheduled for several evenings in April, but I was a few blocks away before I really thought about evening Matins. A  later look at the notice board showed that this was not an error in translation, that one could have an Utrenya in hours noted as Vechera:
6:30 вечера
A parishioner who found me looking at the notice board said this happens in Great Lent, when there are many liturgies. There is also at least one morning Vespers.

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  1. The attractive thing about Russian Orthodox services I've been to is their mysteriousness. Evening matins only adds to that impression