Sunday, September 27, 2015

Directional Michigan Saturday

At the top of this Sunday's Washington Post Sports pages are college football scores. The two leftmost scores are "W. Michigan 12/1 Ohio State 38" and "C. Michigan 10/2. Mich. St. 30". Somehow the third-ranked college team, Texas Christian University, let Eastern Michigan University get away to play Army. One hopes that TCU will not suffer in the polls for playing a strong team, Texas Tech, and winning only 55-52.

I suppose that in the old days the big schools played their share of weaker ones, and that I have just forgotten. Dramatic games stick in the mind, but for the routs I probably left at halftime to play basketball in the driveway or touch football in the yard. Still, Georgia Tech v. Cumberland College seems to be the game the big teams keep trying to schedule.

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