Monday, April 13, 2015

The Tidal Basin

From our office, one can walk down to the Tidal Basin, around it, and back in about an hour and twenty minutes. For many years, two or three of us have done so at least once when the cherry blossoms are near their peak. Today was the day for the 2015.

Last week, the blossoms were not quite all out, for one thing. For another, the middle and end of the week were damp and cool to cold. But today we had excellent weather, about 70 degrees Fahrenheit, with a blue sky and low humidity. The crowds had thinned some, I think; probably more tourists were here last week or the week before, when in many years the blossoms would have been out. But this year a cold late winter and early spring delayed the blossoms..

I noticed on the way one complication introduced by cell phones: the posture employed in taking a picture across the Tidal Basin is the same as that employed in taking a selfie against the background of cherry blossoms. One doesn't know whether the polite route is on the water side or the land side of the picture taker. We dodged many photographers, and I hoped interfered with only very few of their pictures.

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