Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Seen in Philadelphia

Above Walnut Street, a statement of artistic faith:

Along Broad Street, perhaps an artistic statement of faith:

(Though it raises the question whether such footwear counts as sandals under the meaning of Exodus 12.)

At Book Traders on 2nd St., truth in labeling, or certainly opinion:

Azaleas (?) in the churchyard of St. Mark's (Episcopal):


  1. Chick Lit suggests the potential for all sorts of potentially offensive genre labels. In any case, I wonder what the corresponding label is for singularly male reading material.

    1. "Military HIstory"? I once found myself at a local bookstore when Rick Atkinson was reading from The Guns at Last Light, the last of his trilogy covering the US ground campaigns in North Africa and Europe; the audience was probably nine tenths male, maybe more.

      But as regards imaginative literature, or anyway fiction, there is the whole world of tough guy detective and military novels. I have the impression that W.E.B. Griffin has something of a franchise there. Robert Crumley seemed to also.