Monday, February 24, 2014

Mirrored Map

Friday morning I happened to notice the route map at my usual Metro stop. I don't look at the schedule, for there is on average a bus every three minutes during the times I'm there, and any attempt at nearer precision is pointless. I had probably not noticed the map before because it faces a trash can, which one must lean over for a close look--at least, those of us must who don't have perfect vision. But even at a couple of steps back from the trash can, this looked wrong

It shows Franklin and McPherson Squares to the west of 16th St., Farragut North Metro station and Potomac Park to the east. It also suggests that Franklin Square is to the north of Farragut Square, when in fact both are bounded on the north by K St. and on the south by I St. I looked again today, and saw the same map at stops  from V St. to Newton St.

At Newton St. it occurred to me to check the map for the northbound side. These maps have south at the top of the map, but then east is appropriately on the left.

As a schematic the southbound map is fine. The S1 bus will take you past Farragut Square and on to Potomac Park. As a map it is confusing.

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