Sunday, December 8, 2013

A Snow Day

Snow started to fall about 8 this morning. I think that it began to turn to sleet around 2:30. While it lasted, it added to the festive look:

(The lionesses at the corners of the bridge that takes 16th St. NW over Piney Branch Parkway got their ribbons last week, but no snow until today.)

The snow meant that I could run through the Zoo without dodging or inconveniencing its visitors; probably I saw fewer than twenty other persons in the Zoo, walkers and runners counted together.It did not affect the footing, though.

The statue of Nelson Mandela that stood on an unfinished pedestal at the South African Embassy has been moved forward to the edge of the sidewalk and placed on a higher, temporary platform. People have put flowers on it. I don't run with my phone, so I have no picture to offer.

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