Monday, April 8, 2013

Carpe Librum is On

Carpe Librum, "The City's Largest Pop-Up Book Sale" started today and will run through May 15 at 1030 17th St. NW, around the corner from the K St. entrance to the Farragut North Metro Station. The proceeds go to the DC Public Schools. In case there is any question, "Pop-Up" refers to not to the books but to the improvised locations--a couple of years ago in Foggy Bottom, now where the Washington Golf Center used to be.

The handout promises more than 50,000 books. Only so many will be on view at once, for the space is tight. At 5:30 this afternoon, $16 would have bought you four volumes of Henry James's short stories in the Library of America edition. Just more than double that would have bought you 30 copies of Eat, Pray, Love--29 paperback at $1 each, one hardback, all shelved together and impossible to miss.

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