Saturday, March 9, 2013

Newman Books is Closing

Newman Books announced last month that it is closing, having lost its lease. This month all purchases are 35% off; any stock remaining in April will be 50% off.

Newman Books is located in Paulist College on 4th St. NE. It could hardly be worse situated for anyone not living at Paulist College or perhaps working for the U.S. Conference of Bishops next door. It is a brisk 15-minute walk from the Brookland Metro, and it is not that convenient to drive to, being at the end of long, narrow driveway--the street end was occupied by a dump truck when I got there Friday. And having arrived at the front door one must be buzzed in.

There is a good deal of philosophy and theology remaining in stock. I was interested to notice that the holdings included three or four feet of Nietzche or writings about Nietzche (including a book by H.L. Mencken), as compared to about 1.25" of Fichte and Schelling, the latter accounting for the whole inch. Kant was represented by three copies of The Critique of Judgment, that I could see. There was a spread of Marsilio Ficino's Platonic Theology, but whether the same volume over and over or the whole set I did not see. There was a fair bit of Newman of course in the theology section--I picked up A Grammar of Assent. There were quite a few Greek and Greek/Latin New Testaments.


  1. From what you tell us of the bookshop, it's fairly astonishing that it's limped along so far.

  2. What I did not say is that it is on the southeast edge of "Little Rome", the are around the Catholic University of America, which apart from the university is full of colleges, seminaries, monasteries, and convents. There are a couple of thousand undergraduates taking classes in a fairly short walk from Paulist College, all of them required to study at least a little philosophy and theology. Undoubtedly the store was better served at a previous location several blocks northeast, nearer the Brookland Metro.