Thursday, January 24, 2013

Snow and Sleep

At some point perhaps a dozen years ago, I noticed that I did not sleep well on nights that snow was forecast. I explained this as arising from the concerns of the "snow day": would school be open; if open, would it open late, and how late; if closed, what were our arrangements? And it never hurt to get an early start on clearing walks, digging out cars, clearing off cars, starting one's commute earlier.

Yet as an "empty nester" I find that I still wake early, even if my employer, following the federal government, has announced that unscheduled leave is available. Is it the habit of all those years of managing school or child-care schedules? Is it just that snow is a rare pleasure for a resident of Washington, D.C., much anticipated by one who grew up in snowier areas? If the latter, I think I could appreciate the pleasure as well on more sleep; I don't have to wake at 4:30 to be out shoveling walks at 6:30.

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