Saturday, October 6, 2012


Last weekend we made a visit to Monarch Paints near Chevy Chase Circle, where we considered such colors as Morning Mist and Evening Mist, which are hard enough to distinguish side by side. Eventually, I amused myself by trying to reckon how many colors were represented. Each of the two central displays had, as I counted them, about 560 colors represented (eight sections each of ten rows of cards with four and cards with three colors). The outer two I didn't look at so closely, but guessed to hold more than half as many. You would probably be safe estimating 1500 colors.

Today I started to paint with the chosen color, "Edgecombe Gray". When applied, it looks just like the previous color ("Subtle"), particularly in the uncertain light of that bedroom. As it dries, it darkens, and reveals just how carelessly I painted. There will be a lot of touch-up work tomorrow.

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