Friday, December 30, 2011

Newman Bookstore

When last I was there, many years ago, Newman Bookstore was on 8th St. NE, about a block from the Brookland Metro station. It is now at Paulist College on 4th St. NE, in the Hecker Center building, and I must say that could hardly have picked a location better suited to illustrate the inconveniences of shopping at a bookstore. It is about a ten-minute walk from the Metro, for one thing. For another, one must punch in #0011 on a keypad to be buzzed in. Well, one can drive, and the buzzer is a reasonable precaution.

Newman Bookstore can be considered the neighborhood store of "Little Rome", Catholic University and the seminaries, colleges, and other establishments around it. It is largely given to theology, philosophy, and religion. Mostly the theology and other religious books are Catholic, though I noticed some inches of Luther. Hume and Hitchens do appear on the philosophy shelves, and Philip Pullman in the literature. John Henry Newman is of course well represented.

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